How to Play Ceme Online On this occasion we will provide a ceme guide online. These tips and tricks for playing online tutorials are very easy. The game uses 28 cards and only two cards will be shared with the players playing. This small card with red circles must be combined in order to get the highest number of nine and the smallest is ten. Ceme gambling is played by two to eight players, but there must be one player who becomes the bookie in the game. If no one becomes a dealer then the game cannot start. After the players have divided the two cards, the player has the opportunity to save the card that has been given. After saving the card in the hand, the player is welcome to show the card that has been presented to all the players in the table. If it is finished, a calculation will be made between the card belonging to the dealer and the cards of all players and the winner will be the owner of the highest card on the table. Learn the Online Ceme Guide for Strong Basics In this ceme play guide, we will explain how to increase the percentage of victory. On ceme gambling itself is a fraction of qiu qiu gambling, where in qiu qiu gambling uses four cards then ceme gambling cards are simplified into two cards only. The owner of the highest card will be the winner at the round of the table. But in this ceme gambling there are several types of special cards so that if you get a special card in the hand then you will definitely win the round immediately. If you get a special card in the hand with a jackpot purchase, you will be entitled to a bonus jackpot which is certainly very profitable. How to calculate by calculating the number of circles on the card that the player has on the table. The red circle on the left side is summed with the number of circles on the right side that the player has. The one who has the highest number is the winner. Note if the total number of circles on two cards is more than nine, then the value of the card will be deducted by ten. And if the total circle on two cards is more than 19 then the value of the card will be reduced by 20 and so on. How to determine the winner: • If the number of player cards is greater than the dealer, the dealer will pay the player according to the bet placed by the player. • If the number of dealer cards is greater than the player then the dealer will win a number of bets placed by the player. • The dealer will always win if they get the same number of cards as the player. • If a player gets a cue or nine then the dealer will pay twice the player's fee. But if the dealer has a kiu or nine then all players must pay at the city. Guide to playing ceme: Before playing, you should have a goal. And if you like playing gambling, you should be able to limit yourself when playing, especially if you have to impose capital for a deposit. • Must be smart and careful when choosing the ceme click here place. • Pay attention to the network or internet connection used to play gambling ceme. After understanding the best play guide, you must register and obtain an ID account. Registration is free and a minimum deposit is only 50 thousand. Studying the ceme guide is indeed required but it would be better if you immediately try this online gambling game.

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